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How to Start An Acting Career

Every year, thousands of young people and non, decide that they want to pursue an acting career. The problem is that many of them believe it is as simple as getting a picture taken, putting together a resume and getting an agent. That kind of thinking is precisely the reason why most aspiring actors never make it.
Here are the REAL first steps!

How to Be a Great Stage Actor

In this article I am going to tell you how to shine as an actor on stage.

No matter how small your role is you are there for a purpose. You have a role to create and a director to please. You need to really delve and research into your character to create who they are in you. Get an idea of their mannerisms, how they would sit or walk and speak. How do they react to others. Who do they like and who do they dislike. Who do they have feelings for. You need to make this character you are creating believable.

How to Get Your Child a Talent Agent

Most parents think their child is beautiful and talented, so the idea that Junior could become a superstar seems like a given. One of the first steps to stardom as an actor, a model or a musician is to get a good talent agent. You can help find your child a reputable agent by searching professional directories and then submitting head shots and resumes to the chosen agencies.

How to Become a Voice Over Actor for TV Commercials and Radio

Voice overs are heard on many mediums. From the famous Taco Bell "Chihuahua" commercials to local events announced on the radio, we remember voice overs due to the fine talent of the actors. Becoming a voice over actor takes skill and hard work. While there is plenty of non-union voice over work available, the best route is to attain a voice over agent that can get you union work.

How to Break Into Acting/modeling With No Experience

The world of acting and modeling is fiercely competitive. People find success in the entertainment industry for a variety of reasons, from luck to talent to hard work. Breaking into acting or modeling is a difficult process, but if you prepare thoroughly for your future as an actor or model, you are more likely to obtain success and to skillfully handle challenges along the way.

How to start your life as an Actor or Actress!

If you're confident that it's an actor's life for you but don't want to resort to the casting couch to get your big break, you're going to have to start laying the groundwork for your new career, and the sooner the better. Although there are actor's who become overnight successes, many have to spend years doggedly working for very little money and suffering multiple rejections. It can be a tough business.

How to List Industrials and Commercials on Your Actor's Resume

An actor's resume is his calling card. Typically, the resume is one page in length and lists all applicable credentials, including experience, education and skills, such as horseback riding or singing. Although commercials and industrial films don't generate large box-office income, they do show experience and the ability to be cast in a part. Experts in the entertainment industry advise actors to list commercials and industrials in general terms, with an offer to name each work upon request.

Facts About Career Acting

Whether you've been seduced by the glamor of Hollywood or the bright lights of Broadway and decided that acting is your true calling, it's important that you neither ignore the realities of cutthroat competition nor assume that all it takes is just one leading role to become a star for life. The truth is that being an actor is hard work, and fame-if and when it comes-is often at the price of relationships and a "normal" lifestyle. But, oh that applause! Who can resist?

How to Start in Voice Acting

Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice for acting? Perhaps you have a unique voice that you can easily adapt to different characters and would like to use your skills in cartoons, video games, commercials and radio announcements. Voice acting not only pays well, but also can be an exciting and challenging career.

How to Get Discovered In Acting

Cheryl Faye is a veteran acting coach and casting director for film and television. She is the acting coach on the History Channel series “The Vikings,” and coaches young actors on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows. We asked her to share a few tips with us regarding breaking into acting. Here’s what she told us.

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