Crossdressing Super Boy releases debut EP

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After his composure and natural beauty made him one of the most popular Super Boys of the year, Liu Zhu recently released his debut EP Matchless 无双, or One of a Kind. Other than title song Matchless, the other fours songs in his EP are all self-compositions, including Piao 飘, Chocolate Relationship 巧克力关系, After Before 从前以后 and Steal my heart 偷走我的心. Liu Zhu is a current composition major in the Sichuan Conservatory of music.

Celebs plugging bad products could be liable under proposed law change

SICHUAN, China : Advertising regulations may change to allow celebrity spokespersons to be held liable if the advertisement contains false claims and misguides consumers, reported Chinese media.

Vice Minister Liu Fan of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce revealed during an advertising industry forum in Sichuan on Sunday that the regulatory body has proposed changes to existing advertising laws.

One of the highlights of the proposed changes to Chinese Advertisement Law includes making celebrity spokespersons more responsible for the endorsement deals they take on.

2PM to Participate in Chinese Music Festival

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Star idol group 2PM will attend the Asian music festival entitled "MMH 2010 (CCTV-MTV Mandarin Music Honors)," held in China, as a Korean representative singer.

Their agency, JYP Entertainment, explained on October 18, "2PM has been nominated for the 'Asia's Best Singer' award in this year’s event to be held at the Wukesong Arena in Beijing."

Paul McCartney reprimands "menace" cyclist

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he recently reprimanded a cyclist who was riding dangerously through London.

The Beatles star told The Sun that the courier nearly knocked him over and that he had to pull a woman pedestrian out of the way to prevent her from being injured.

He said: "I always get dropped off a few streets from my offices in Soho so I can have a bit of a walk and get ready for the day.

YG Entertainment artists to hold joint concert in Dec

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Korean singers from major talenthouse YG Entertainment will hold a concert in December.

YG announced in a press release Friday that Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy and Psy will perform at the two-day "2010 YG Family Concert" to be held at the Olympic Park Stadium located in Seoul on December 4 and 5.

AKB48 to appear on SDN48's debut single

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AKB48's sister group SDN48 recently announced that their debut single, set to go on sale on November 24, will be titled "GAGAGA." On Friday, they revealed further details about the single, including the contents of the bonus DVDs.

Song Jie Secret Talk: (Steven Ma ) Ma Zai TV King

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Song Jie Secret Talk: Ma Zai TV King

Jimmy Lin has an early birthday party; Cecilia Cheung, Tang Wei join the celebration

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Tomorrow (10/15/2010) is Jimmy Lin’s 36th birthday. He rushed back to Taiwan last month for his precious son’s birthday party but has to spend his own birthday at work. Even though he is not with his family his co-stars Rene Liu, Cecilia Cheung, Tang Wei and the Korean actor Han Jae Suk gave him a surprise party. The surprised Jimmy is touched.

Freeman 'still has nerve damage from crash'

entertainmentMorgan Freeman has revealed that he still struggles with his nerves after his car accident more than two years ago.

The 73-year-old actor fractured his shoulder blade in 2008 when the vehicle he was travelling in left the highway and flipped over several times.

Freeman, who has been disabled since the accident, is still waiting for his stretched nerves to grow back, which doctors claim will take another year.

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