Police Clear Tablo As Stanford Grad

entertainmentAfter months of controversy, it seems that Tablo can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After thorough police investigation, Tablo was officially confirmed to have graduated from Stanford University, despite the accusations of vicious netizens who have been arguing otherwise since November of last year.

After the Seoul Seocho Police Station released official word on the morning of October 8th clearing Tablo's name, they also announced that they were planning to request an arrest warrant for "whatbecomes" -- the head operator of the 180,000+ membered anti-Tablo internet cafe "We Request The Truth From Tablo" or TaJinYo for short -- for defamation of character. "whatbecomes" was actually one of the 22 netizens Tablo sued for defamation last August.

Ironically enough, fingers are starting to be now pointed at "whatbecomes". This was a shift that started occurring after an MBC documentary aired on October 1st, "MBC Special- Tablo Goes To Stanford". On it, it was revealed that whenever ?anyone posted up opinions that weren't in line with the anti-Tablo sentiment, not only were those comments deleted, but the cafe member who wrote them was soon kicked out.

An anti-whatbecomes internet cafe had been started a little while back -- called "We Request The Truth From WhatBecomes" or WhatJinYo for short - which attracted over 20,000 people after the MBC documentary. Netizens are demanding strong action be taken against "whatbecomes" so that another similar case like this doesn't take place, giving birth to another "whatbecomes"-like character.

Police investigation has revealed that the 57 year old "whatbecomes" (surname Kim) immigrated from Korea to the US as an American citizen in 1989. Needing a Korean registration number to use Korean internet cafes, Kim used his friend's number, surname Park. This puts Kim potentially in violation of resident registration laws for identity theft.

The police has already requested Kim come in for questioning on a number of occasions, to no avail. Kim has stood his ground claiming that all his posts were put up "in a fair manner". The police stated that they will seek the help of Interpol after requesting an arrest warrant for Kim.