Barbie Hsu takes a break and checks out Ayumi Hamasaki's album cover

entertainmentThings haven’t been going well of late for Barbie Hsu (Da S) -- She was recently crowned the “Queen of Rubbish Movies” by the *Golden Donkey judging panel. And then there’s her right arm which was immobilized last month due to nerve inflammation. She has tried various treatments from both Chinese and Western medicine, but movements of her fingers are still limited. For the time being, all of her filming schedules have been put on hold temporarily.

In the new movie “Reign of Assassins”, Da S plays a ruthless killer who charges ahead without looking back. The character somewhat resembles her personality in real life. Like her choice of movie roles for example, she has no regrets about them even when they are heavily criticized. She continues to receive endless offers and works on one film after another. Her arm was actually injured on the set of her latest when she over exerted herself.

Despite not being able to write or even hold a pair of chopsticks, Da S is still working hard on updating her blog with her left hand. One of her new entries caused quite a stir as she uploaded an old photo that looked strikingly similar to the cover of Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album “L”. She commented, “Isn’t this the cover picture of 美容大王 (literally translates to ‘Beauty King’, released in 2007)?” Despite the similarities, fans of the singer quickly came to their idol's defence saying Da S was intentionally creating commotion. Other netizens pointed out that the idea has also been used by other stars over a decade ago.