How to Find a Manager for Your Acting Career

Actors sometimes have teams of professionals who guide and influence their careers. Talent mangers often play a crucial role in this effort, encouraging career development and helping clients make valuable connections in the entertainment industry. This is often a long-term relationship, so it’s important to choose someone with a solid reputation and with whom you have rapport.

What Managers Do

Managers not only find acting jobs for their clients, they also advise them on every facet of the business. This might include contract negotiations, what types of roles to accept and how to develop relationships with directors, producers and other decision makers in the entertainment industry.

When You Should Hire a Manager

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts notes that when starting out, you might benefit more from the services of an agent, who focuses solely on securing gigs for clients. Actress Summer Crockett Moore points out that at the beginning of her career she didn’t need a manager because she didn’t have a career to manage.

How to Choose a Manager

The most effective way to find a manager is to obtain a referral from an industry professional, such as an agent, casting director or producer. Many managers accept unsolicited commissions, but to make a decision, they need sufficient information to evaluate your talent and potential. Talent manager Eric Faber notes that he needs at least a head shot and a resume, and ideally a way to see samples of your work.