How to Get Disney Acting Auditions

Disney acting auditions might be your big break in Hollywood. Want to be the next Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus? Disney acting auditions are the place for you to start. This might be your big break! You'll need to work hard beforehand and really look for opportunities, because this is a tough industry.

Before you go to your Disney acting audtion you'll want to make sure that you're the best actor you can be. Disney is a professional company and they are looking for high quality, talented young actors and actresses to cast in their many successful shows. There are a couple steps you should follow before you even go to your Disney acting audition.

Take some acting classes in your neighborhood or town. It's important to get some experience acting before you go to your Disney acting audition. Act in anything that comes your way. Try to get parts in community plays, or in plays at your school. Participate in the theater community as much as possible.

Audition for as many parts as you can. Build your resume as much as possible, but also get experience in front of people who are judging you on your acting experience. Learn what makes a successful audition before you try to go in for your disney acting audition. You will be more successful at your disney acting audition if it is not your first professional audition.

Now that you are prepared for your disney acting audition, you will need to figure out a way to get an actual audition. There are two ways to go about this. Try to get an acting agent. Agents will have the most current, up to date information about disney acting auditions, and getting an agent will mean that you have inside access to casting calls and information.

If you can't get an agent, you're not out of luck yet. Disney acting auditions can also be found through Look on this website to find information about open casting calls, which are auditions that are open to the public. Find out about these opportunities in your area, and go on the day that they say. Remember all the experience you have, and be calm and collected on your audition day. Break a leg!