How to Become a Voice Actor With an Audition

Voice acting allows actors to perform in less glamorous, but not less prestigious roles. A voice actor narrates commercials, animated TV shows and films and dubs lines for foreign movies. Voice acting requires less physical requirements than traditional acting; however, it demands the same training and discipline to be successful in an audition.

Train as an actor. Having training as an actor will help you feel confident when auditioning for roles. Learn the basic techniques of the profession, some of which can translate into voice acting. Train in acting school and workshops. Gain audition experience by attending auditions for local theater productions.

Make a demo take of your voice to take to an audition. Record yourself in a variety of challenging voice roles. For instance, record yourself reciting Shakespeare poems or doing various accents and impressions.

Get a day job as a radio DJ, so your voice can become recognizable. Radio experience may lead to auditions and acting opportunities if the right people hear your voice.

Relocate to a larger city that has a market for many auditions and acting roles. Los Angeles and New York are known as the entertainment capitols of the world and provide the most opportunities for voice actors.

Attend as many auditions as possible. Consider taking smaller roles or ones that you find uninteresting or have low pay. These opportunities provide you with experience and allow directors to get to know your talent. You may be called back by directors for larger projects someday.

Hire a manager or agent with experience working with voice actors. He can find and schedule the best auditions for you.