How to Delete History of Visited Sites on the Computer

Your Web browser stores bits of information about every website you visit. Unless you modify its default settings, the browser tracks the time and date of every page view, and records the URL and title of the page. These data points are stored in the browser's history, where they can be viewed and sorted by anyone with access to your computer. Quickly delete this archived information and protect your privacy in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera.

Using Firefox

Click "Tools" in the top menu bar.

Select "Clear Recent History."

Select "Everything" from the drop-down menu.

Check the box labeled "Browsing & Download History."

Click "Clear Now."

Using Internet Explorer

Click "Tools" in the top menu bar.

Select "Delete Browsing History."

Check the box labeled "History" and click "Delete" in Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 7 has no check boxes; simply click the "Delete history" button.

Using Chrome

Click the "Tools" button and select "Options."

Select the tab labeled "Under the Hood" and click the "Clear browsing data" button near the top of the dialog box.

Check the "Clear browsing history" box.

Select "Everything" from the drop-down menu.

Click "Clear browsing data."

Using Opera

Click "Tools" in the top menu bar.

Select "Delete Private Data."

Click the arrow next to "Detailed Options."

Check "Clear history of visited pages" and "Clear bookmark visited time."

Click "Delete."