How to Delete History of Visited Sites From a PC

By default, your Web browser keeps a record of the all the websites you visit and stores their addresses on your computer so you can have quicker access to the same websites again anytime you want. While this makes for speedy Web browsing, it also leaves your Web trails exposed to the world, especially if you are using a public computer. Following some simple steps, you can delete your history of visited sites and maintain your browsing privacy.

How to Delete Visited Websites From Yahoo!

Deleting visited websites from Yahoo! not only ensures your privacy. It saves room on your hard drive. A record of every website you visit and image that you view is stored on your computer's hard drive. After a while, this begins to consume memory and slow down your computer. Deleting visited websites from Yahoo! and any other search engine providers you use improves the functionality of your computer.

How to Delete History of Visited Sites on the Computer

Your Web browser stores bits of information about every website you visit. Unless you modify its default settings, the browser tracks the time and date of every page view, and records the URL and title of the page. These data points are stored in the browser's history, where they can be viewed and sorted by anyone with access to your computer. Quickly delete this archived information and protect your privacy in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera.

How to Write Script to Change Internet Explorer Settings

Internet Explorer (IE) is Microsoft Windows' default Web browser. Internet Explorer comes with built-in menu that allows you to make changes in settings as you may wish. However, if you are an advanced user, you can use the Windows registry system tool to modify scripts. You can edit value name and value data for each setting to implement changes in the browser. Note that you will need administrative rights to complete this task.

How to Make a Website Your Homepage on Safari

Changing your homepage lets you customize the website that is displayed automatically each time you open a new browser window. Safari's default homepage is usually set to start you off with as your homepage, but you can easily change it to whatever you want.

How to Change a Homepage on Mac Using Safari

When you open the Web browser on your computer, the page that loads automatically is called your homepage. Most browsers come with a default homepage. In the case of the Apple browser Safari, the main Apple page is set as the default page. Changing the homepage to one you use on a daily basis can help streamline your Internet use. You can set your homepage easily by changing the preferences in your version of Safari.

How to Change the Homepage on a Firefox Browser

As with other Web browsers, the Firefox Web browser gives users the ability to set a homepage for the browser. This homepage will be the website that appears each time that you open the Firefox browser or click the “Home” button that is found at the top of the browser. Firefox comes with a default homepage but you may wish to change the homepage to your favorite search engine, email page or other website.

How to Change my Homepage Address

A homepage is the default Web page of a Web browser. Changing your homepage address requires only a few steps and takes less than a minute. Having a useful homepage may help remind you of appointments or other alerts.

Open your Web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Type in the Web address you would like to change your homepage to and press "Enter."

Click on "Tools" at the top of your toolbar and select "Options." Select "Use Current" below the box labeled "Home Page."

How to Change a Homepage

Your homepage is usually set by default on your computer before you purchase it. This means that the first page you see when you first go online has been automatically set for you. You can choose to keep this page as a homepage or you can change your homepage to a different page. If you decide that you want to change your homepage to a different homepage, these instructions will help you to achieve this task.

How to Make YouTube My Homepage

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is a popular website that allows users to upload, share and view videos. Millions of individuals visit the site every day to watch new uploads from their favorite YouTube channels. One of the fastest ways to access these videos is to set YouTube as your Internet browser's homepage. By doing this, you no longer have to type in YouTube's address or search for it through other intermediary websites. Your videos will be ready to view--just one "double-click" away.

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